Open Self Service Laundry

The self-service laundry is a business in continuous expansion, profitable and that requires a limited time investment.

By opening a self-service laundry room you can finally have the autonomy you’ve always been looking for, a relatively simple activity to manage, but with great potential.

Unfortunately, not all self-service laundries are as successful. To avoid serious errors that can compromise the success of the activity, it is fundamental to take care of some of the initial choices and rely on a partner with a long experience in the sector.

Thanks to its 40 years of experience and over 600 self-service laundries open all over the world, Brentareno perfectly knows the needs of a self-service laundry business, has a profound technical competence and realizes the most beautiful laundries on the market.

Best value for money
Over 40 years of experience at your service
The simplest and most beautiful laundry you will ever want

If you are thinking of opening a self-service laundry, you will need to consider 4 key points:

City and location: the choice of the city, the analysis of the territory and the choice of the venue are strategic to transform your laundry into a successful activity.
Quality of the service: the laundromat customers demand an excellent quality of the service offered. It is therefore essential to identify a valid partner who is able to supply strictly high-quality industrial machines and professional detergent products designed specifically for the self-service laundry. The washing and drying process must be easy, fast and of excellent quality.
Customer care: for an activity in which the customer acts independently, the indispensable factors are ease of use, flexibility of payment, services to be used in waiting times, assistance and customer support and competitive price.
Entrepreneurial spirit: Despite the self-service laundry is an independent activity, the entrepreneurial spirit makes the difference! Keep the room clean and welcoming, take care of the maintenance of the machines, apply marketing strategies to make promotions and retain customers: these are just some of the tricks that will transform your laundry into a successful activity.

Brentareno will offer you its full support not only in the initial project and in the realization of the venue, but also in all the marketing aspects that will allow you to always have full control over the four points listed above.

So opening a self-service laundry with us is even easier!
Contact us and we will support you in this new adventure.