Laundry machines

Wo we are

BRENTARENO SRL is an Italian company born from the thirty-year experience in the industrial laundry sector. Our company BRENTARENO SRL is specialized in the production of laundry equipment and in the realization of coin-op realizing self-service laundries, professional laundries and ironing rooms/workshops for hotels (, communitiesy, institutions, both in Italy and abroad both public or private.

BRENTARENO is the ideal partner for resellers, traders, wholesalers, importers and distributors, but its team is also available for all those at the disposal of anyone who wishes to start a new business, renovate their laundry facilities or improve efficiency.

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Brentareno specializes in the design and production of machinery for many areas of the Laundry sector.
BRENTARENO also has its own Detergents line with specific products for all types of Laundries, even “Wet Cleaning”
Our activity is aimed at:

Hospitals and nursing homes
Industrial laundries
Self Service laundries
Hotels, Campsites and Tourist Facilities

Our products

The BRENTARENO SRL machinery is designed not only in full compliance with environmental regulations and safety in the workplace, with particular attention to the control of operating costs / energy savings in carrying out the various laundry activities and are all products within the European Community, therefore CE CERTIFICATES.

High Spin Washers

Brentareno INDUSTRIAL SERIES washer-centrifuges are machines suitable for use in hospitals, communities, working villages, army, prisons…

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Automatic Dryers

This dryer is equipped with a heat exchanger capable of expanding the heated area allowing a rapid increase in temperature and, consequently…

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Closed Chamber Ecological Dryer


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Drying Ironer

The Drying Ironer is characterized by the presence of an 800 mm diameter roller, heated inside, which evaporates moisture and at the same time stretches…

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Vacuum Feeder

The Vacuum Feeder has an adjustable control system that is easy for the operator to use and has a drawer-shaped filter for more…

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Bed Sheet Fodler

The Bed Sheet Fodler has a multi-fold design for various types of sheets and is characterized by high folding speed. CPL sheets can…

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The stacker is a device that is installed after the bending machine, which counts, stacks and transfers folded clothes. It can be used…

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Towel Folder

Multiple fold design for various types of sponges. Characterized by high bending speed. The CPS sponge fold can fold 900/1500 sponges per hour…

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Barrier Washers

Strict standards of hygiene and health in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and similar places require….

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Ozone sanitizer

With ecozono you can treat all items which cannot be washed in water or dry-cleaned…

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The vacuum machine works by means of a vacuum cleaner that extracts the air and at the same time reduces the overall dimensions of the space…

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Coat rack for hangers and trolleys and shelves with tubular metal base painted with epoxy powders or with sheet metal…

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