Bed Sheet Fodler

• Multifold design for various kinds of linen
• High folding speed. 900/1500 pcs towel can be folded per hour
• Multi fold patterns meet different demands of linen folding
• STANDARD 1st, 2nd and 3rd folds by air, 4th fold by Knife
• Two lateral folds, two cross folds
• Advanced frame structure ensures reliable and stable work for long time
• Key Parts and components come from the world’s leading manufacturers
• High intelligent controller with 7 inches TOUCH SCREEN
• It is convenient for operators to read the information about linen size, folding size, stack position, etc. on the display screen
• Transmission system: Speed closed loop function, electro-optical speed measurement system
• Folding standard distinction function: calculates the folding scope, refuse to fold the over-wide linen, protection and alarm, guarantee the folding quality



Technical Specifications

Model Unit CPL 3300 V
Maximum Folding Width mm 3,300 x 3,300
Folding Lines pcs 5
Maximum Folding Speed m/min 10 – 50
Power Supply V/HZ/P 400V – III + N + T (50 Hz)
Motor Power kW 2.05
Air Consumption m3/h 0.2
Compressed Air Pressure MPa/h 0.5 – 0.8
Compressed Air Connection mm/h Ø 16
Width mm 4,290
Depth mm 2,970
Height mm 1,750
Weight kg 1,600