Turnkey Laundry

With Brentareno at your side, all you have to do is find a place and relax: We take care of everything, from design to complete laundry. Relying on us for the complete realization of your laundry you will have the certainty of having chosen the best.

After analyzing the structure of the room, our design office will propose the ideal solution, maximizing the available space and creating a customer-friendly environment.

Your new turnkey self-service laundry!

Realization of systems
Our specialized technicians are able to perform any type of system, guaranteeing maximum quality and efficiency.
Plasterboard furnishings:
The plasterboard furniture separates the back of the machine from the waiting room dedicated to customers and is of fundamental importance for the image of the laundry. Our attention to detail, careful finishing and warm and modern coloring play a substantial role in the presentation of the laundry to your customers. Together with the plasterboard furniture, furnishing accessories will be provided as a table for re-assembling clothes and a set of 4 chairs.
Electrical system:
We put our professionals at your disposal for the construction of the electrical system for your self-service laundry, strictly CE certified.

Our electricians offer services of:
realization of electrical system for feeding machinery
construction of auxiliary lighting and / or power supply system
realization of video surveillance system
building anti-theft systems
realization of internet connection system for remote control
supply and installation of audio and video systems
automatic door opening / closing wiring

Hydraulic system:
Brentareno takes care of the plumbing of your laundry.

Our professionals are at your disposal for all your needs and offer the following services:
construction of the hydraulic system to power the machines
certified supply and installation of boilers and boilers
supply and installation of autoclave systems (to always guarantee the right amount of water in all conditions)
supply of pumps in order to overcome unevenness in the drain
supply and installation of softeners
consultancy for gas systems

Marketing package:
If the plant is fundamental for the proper functioning of the laundry, marketing is certainly not far behind. For this reason the services included in the turnkey do not end there.

To complete your laundry we will provide you:
an advertising sign to be posted at the entrance of the venue
10,000 flyers to sponsor the new opening
internal signs for promotional instructions and communications
a complete supply of cleaning products

So opening a self-service laundry with us is even easier!
Contact us and we will support you in this new adventure.