Professional cleansing

The collaboration relationship with our customers after the opening of the laundry is not limited to technical assistance and marketing support, but also continues through the supply of detergent products. Our products have been created specifically for the self-service laundry, bearing in mind the need to achieve a perfect result very quickly and often without the help of additives.

Brentareno products are formulated with respect for the environment and those who use them, are biodegradable and not at all aggressive on the fibers or on the skin. They are characterized by engaging fragrances that persist for a long time on the garments giving a feeling of cleanliness even after a long time.

There are three main detergents used in self-service laundry :

– enzymatic detergent, for resistant garments
– mild detergent, for delicate garments, wool, silk etc.
– softener with sanitizer, which has the dual function of giving the garment softness and fragrance and at the same time sanitizing the laundry and the machine.

Brentareno detergents, combined with the technology of automatic dispensers, are the ideal solution for those who want to offer impeccable washing quality and a very high standard of service. In fact, our detergents, dosed per gram through automatic dispensers, guarantee a very high level result and keep the laundry and the components of the machines perfectly clean.

Professional cleansing

Wet Cleaning

Thanks to the flexibility of our machines and the great quality of our detergent products, with Brentareno it is possible to perform Wet Cleaning even in self-service laundry.

Wet Cleaning is an innovative washing technique, alternative to dry cleaning, which uses water instead of chemical solvents. Thanks to industrial washing machines with specific characteristics and specific chemical products it is possible to wash almost all the clothes that would normally be dry-cleaned. The benefits of using Wet Cleaning are many:

Wash much deeper and of higher quality in water than chemical solvents
Very delicate on fabric fibers, unlike solvents
No risk for the operator, since no toxic substances are used
Eco-sustainable process that does not use polluting substances
Lower costs compared to dry cleaning
Big savings for the end user

Contact us for more details on Wet Cleaning and other washing systems, our experts will be happy to provide you with all the information you are looking for.